French Hospital Pays Man $65K After Series of Errors Resulted in the Removal of His Penis

A French hospital had to pay a man nearly $65,000 after a series of alleged medical errors resulted in the unnecessary total removal of his penis.

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A French man is $65,000 richer after a surgery left him without his penis.

According to the New York Post, a French hospital compensated a man nearly $65,000 after a series of errors during surgery resulted in the “total removal of his penis.” The procedure, which took place at the Nantes University Hospital, left him with “no feeling” where his penis used to be. 

“I have hatred towards this doctor who did not listen to me,” the unidentified victim told local rag Frenchblue. “He played Russian roulette with me!”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the procedure occurred after the man, a father of three, had been diagnosed with carcinoma. In an effort to deal with the tumor, a urologist at the hospital made the decision to remove the man’s penis.

“Indeed he had removed everything,” the man said. “He had just left the testicles and had cut at the base. I’m really devastated and it’s really shameful.”

The victim added, “You can’t replace a feeling of a penis with several sensors.”

The victim’s lawyer, initially sued for one million euros, a lawsuit which was subsequently rejected by the French court. However, he reportedly plans to file an appeal on the grounds that the “psychological damage was not taken into account.”

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