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While giving a press conference about a drug trafficking sting operation this week, a Florida sheriff tried on a seized gold chain and attempted to spit some bars. 

Detectives in Polk County, Florida arrested 29 people in the 16-month undercover investigation this week, as the Sheriff’s Office’s narcotics detectives and High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force made the 29 arrests and issued 3 other warrants regarding trafficking, sale and possession of illegal drugs.

Sheriff Grady Judd tried on a large gold chain during a press conference this week, where he mentioned that some of those arrested were rappers who “marketed themselves because they look cool in the community.” He then began to rap with the chain around his neck. During the bust, investigators seized $88,000 in cash, $89,000 worth of jewelry, and $283,000 worth of narcotics. 

“Can y’all make a rap about this?” Judd said. “’We got ya gold, we put ya tail in the county jail.’ You can call it the ‘Bell Gang Blues’ rap song.”

According to FOX 13, the suspects still at large are 49-year-old Angela Dunklebarger of Lake Wales, 37-year-old Tavoris Jones of Lake Wales, and 37-year-old Reginald Phillips of Dundee. The 32 people have been hit with 301 felonies and 134 misdemeanors, and have 645 previous charges against them.