Police in Florida have issued an arrest warrant for a man who stole his girlfriend’s engagement ring and wedding bands to give to a second girlfriend.

NBC News reports that authorities in Volusia County are looking for Joseph Davis who has still yet to be found. Sheriff’s deputies launched the investigation weeks ago when an Orange City, Florida woman notified police that she had found out her boyfriend had another fiancée. When the Orange City woman discovered the fiancée’s Facebook page, she saw the fiancée wearing a wedding band and engagement ring that matched the ones she had received from a previous marriage.

The Orange City woman checked her jewelry box only to find that the rings weren’t there and that other jewelry of hers was missing too, including a diamond ring from her grandmother. Davis appeared to have stolen around $6,270 in jewelry from her.

After the Orange City woman contacted the fiancée, she gave back some of the pieces and both women broke up with the 48-year-old man, who also goes by “Joe Brown” and “Marcus Brown.” Davis also tried to deceive the fiancée when he took her to a house that was actually the Orange City woman’s home—while the woman was working—and told the fiancée it was his. He asked the fiancée to move in but subsequently vanished. Later, the fiancée couldn’t find her laptop and some jewelry.

Both women recalled that Davis had a family member who lives in North Carolina. Detectives were able to find that person, who, in turn, was able to identify Davis. Davis is now wanted for an Oregon hit-and-run accident that involved injuries, as well as possession of a fictitious ID, filing a false police report, domestic assault, and possession of cocaine with intent to sell.