The remains of a man police believe blew up his Pennsylvania townhome and destroyed two others was found in the ensuing rubble, NBC News reports

The remains were identified as 66-year-old Thomas Razzi by the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office after the body was discovered. Although the cause of death hasn’t been confirmed, Lower Providence Township police believe that Razzi was responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Eagleville house and its surrounding residences. 

A code enforcement officer was performing a follow-up inspection at Razzi’s home due to hoarding conditions, when Razzi brandished a firearm and chased the official. When police arrived, Razzi retreated into his home and additional officers arrived to form a perimeter around the residence. Police then heard gunshots and an explosion coming from Razzi’s home. 

“Police believed that the suspect was the source of the explosions and gunfire and that he had intentionally started the fire,” a statement from the Lower Providence Township Police Department reads.

The fire spread to other homes forcing neighbors to evacuate. Three townhomes including Razzi’s were completely destroyed by the blaze. Three other properties were damaged. Police believe the explosion was caused by chemical substances. 

The neighbors who have been displaced are being accommodated. The code officer who was there to inspect the home suffered minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. There were also three children who were in remote learning at the time of the explosion and their parents were at work. Fortunately, firefighters were able to rescue them before their home was destroyed.