The mother of a 13-year-old middle school student in Texas says she made multiple reports regarding incidents of bullying and abuse at the hands of her son’s classmates, only to have the issue get much worse with other students’ alleged actions at a sleepover in February.

Summer Smith, the mother of Haggard Middle School student SeMarion Humphrey, went public via a Facebook video in which she detailed classmates allegedly forcing her son to drink urine and shooting him with BB guns, as well as calling him racial slurs.

“This is not a prank,” Smith said during a recent press conference. “This is beyond bullying. You are evil. They are evil.”

According to Smith, one of the classmates—who has not been named—became closer with Humphrey approximately one month prior to the sleepover, which she has argued was merely a setup for the aforementioned acts of alleged abuse. 

Prior to the violent sleepover incident, Smith said she had made multiple reports with school officials in Plano in connection with other incidents of harassment but received no assistance.

“It was premeditated and obvious that SeMarion was only invited [to the sleepover] for their pure entertainment,” Smith said, per a regional CBS outlet. In that outlet’s report, it was also confirmed that both the Plano Independent School District and the city’s police department are now conducting individual investigations.

In a statement shared Monday, a rep for the Plano Independent School District said officials are “committed to taking swift action” when it comes to reported incidents of bullying and/or racism.

“As the district reported last week, it began an immediate investigation of a parent’s concerns regarding an off-campus incident,” the statement, shared to the school district’s official site, reads. “The internal investigation process of these concerns must be thorough and timely. During the course of this investigation, the parent raised additional concerns regarding past allegations of bullying in the prior school year.  Out of an abundance of caution and deep concern for this student and their well-being, Plano ISD opened an additional investigation last week surrounding the parent’s allegations of bullying in 2019.”

The district’s investigation is being handled by an independent third-party.

Complex has reached out to reps for Plano ISD and Plano police and will update this post accordingly.

If you or someone you know has been made the target of bullying, help is available.