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A baby goat who had fallen into a 250-foot long irrigation pipe after being washed away by a heavy storm was rescued this week after a two-day operation conducted by the Arizona Humane Society.

People reports Emergency Animal Medical Technicians responded to the scene on Tuesday after a Phoenix homeowner contacted the Arizona Humane Society to report hearing a goat crying underground. 

“The EAMTs had to attach approximately 100 feet of PVC pipe to the snake cam in order for it to reach further into the irrigation system, but were still unable to locate the exact location of the 8-month-old goat,” AHS said in a news release.

After the snake cam was unable to help the rescuers find exactly where the goat was located underground, the team decided to take a different approach.

“We could not lay eyes on the goat at all, we never saw him before we started chipping away,” AHS medical technician Gracie Watts told reporters. “We just kind of went by faith as to where we thought he was.”

From there, they dug for several hours in between two properties without having any visual of the goat. When the EMATs finally saw him, they were eventually able to reach the goat’s horns so it couldn’t move further down the drainage pipe.

“We were never going to quit, but you get to that point where you start telling yourself that this isn’t going to happen,” medical technician Andy Gallo said. “He would’ve drowned down there if we left him.”