David Hogg is getting into the pillow business.

On Thursday, the gun reform activist and Parkland shooting survivor announced he was creating a rival company to MyPillow—a pillow manufacturer owned by Trump supporter/conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell. The 20-year-old tweeted that he and software developer William LeGate were planning to launch the business’ website within a few weeks; however, he made it clear they are still in the beginning stages, as they’ve yet to find a U.S.-based manufacturer or locked down a company name. 

“[We want] to prove that progressives can make a better pillow, run a better business and help make the world a better place while doing it,” Hogg wrote. “… We will have the name announced soon but we need to get through the legal process of trademarking as so on.”

Hogg went on to lay out some of his and LeGate’s plans for the unnamed company. He said the company will create “good jobs that support American families,” will support progressive causes, and, most importantly, “not attempt a white supremacist overthrow of the United States government.”

Though some initially assumed Hogg and LeGate were simply trolling, the latter made it very clear they were completely serious.

Lindell attempted to appear unfazed when questioned about the announcement.

“Good for them …” he told Axios in a statement. “Nothing wrong with competition that does not infringe on someone’s patent.”

Lindell has built a reputation as one of Trump’s most ardent defenders, and has been widely criticized for spewing baseless claims about voter fraud. It was just a week ago when Twitter permanently suspended the MyPillow CEO because he had repeatedly violated its policies on misinformation. He has also been hit with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion, the voting machine manufacturer he accused of allowing 2020 election fraud.