Rachel Dolezal Unsurprisingly Makes the Controversial H&M Situation Worse

Rachel Dolezal released a "protest hoodie" in response to H&M's stupid ad.

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Rachel Dolezal is back at it again in the worst way possible.

As H&M is still under fire for an controversial ad that showed a young black boy wearing a hoodie with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle" on it, Dolezal decided to turn the situation around by creating a "protest hoodie." At first, her version read "coolest prince in the hood," but after several people called her hoodie racist as well, she changed it to "coolest prince in the world."

"So, I did a first design in response to H&M's 'Coolest Monkey in the Jungle' shirt that said 'Coolest Prince in the Hood,' because it's a hooded sweatshirt/neighborhood, etc," explained Dolezal. "Some people liked it, some didn't like the word 'hood.' I called production and asked them to change it to 'Coolest Prince in the World.' So, if you want one of the updated ones, go to the link in the bio." As for those who still don't like it, Dolezal says you can get the peace sign.

In the now-deleted original post with her first design (captured here by The Root), Dolezal said that this situation was close to her heart because her son was allegedly called a "monkey" in the second grade.

But despite the alleged personal connection, many are giving Dolezal the side eye—especially since all the profits for the hoodie are going to her bank account. "All proceeds from sales on my website go directly to providing for the 3 coolest princes in my household (my 3 black sons)… just in case anyone was wondering," read her website.

On the other hand, black artists remixed the hoodie with phrases like "coolest king in the world" and "amazing black boy." Diddy is also reportedly planning on offering the young black model a $1 million contract.

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