Woman Who Went Viral for Yelling About ‘Not Real’ Person on Plane Returns to Skies

Tiffany Gomas, however, continues to decline to reveal further information about what inspired her virality-spurring moment.

Video via TMZ

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Video via TMZ

She's back.

As anyone well-versed in the unreal is likely already aware, Tiffany Gomas—the woman who went viral for shouting about a “motherfucker back there” who is “not real” on a flight to Orlando—has now appeared in a TMZ-shared video captured at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Speaking with a persistent paparazzo, Gomas faced a predictable assortment of questions related to the viral incident, which was quite famously the subject of a Mystery Inc.-inspired investigative piece in this very publication.

According to Gomas, it feels “great” to be traveling again despite having “a little bit of anxiety” about it. As for what inspired her viral moment, the exact details of which have remained largely a mystery, Gomas remained reticent to go into detail.

"I mean, thanks for asking that but I have been told I cannot comment right now so I’m sorry," she told the paparazzo.

Gomas did, however, tease the possibility of a long-form interview in the future. 

“The rate it’s going, I feel like it’s gonna have to happen,” she said. “So yes, there are some things in the works—mostly nonprofit charity stuff. But I’ve been trying to, like, lay low for the most part but reporters wouldn’t let that happen. Like, I was so much strong-armed into speaking and now here we are.”

Winding down the conversation, Gomas was asked to specify what, exactly, made her want to exit the flight she was on when she passionately decried the “not real” individual and subsequently entered virality.

“Again, can’t speak on that right now but I was distressed and I was getting off the plane no matter what,” Gomas, who noted she “100 percent” still stands by her decision to get off the flight in question, said. “I just probably didn’t need to make the scene that I made but I was getting off that plane, for sure.”

Per TMZ, this conversation took place after Gomas' arrival at LAX following a flight from Dallas. The report seemingly suggests that this trip marked her return to air travel, though it doesn't explicitly state that this was her first flight since the viral video-spurring trip that launched her into memery in July.

Over on Instagram, Gomas has been teasing the imminent arrival of something, urging her growing number of followers to “stay tuned” for what’s ahead. In one post, shared last week, she reflected on how a single moment “doesn’t define you” but can instead “define your purpose.”

Of course, none of this answers the core question at the heart of our investigation from last month: Is anything real? And given the escalating nature of modern malaise, does it even matter?

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