White House Roasted for Wildly Tone-Deaf 'Find Something New' Jobs Campaign

Ivanka Trump, whose current job was given to her by her father, is a crucial voice behind the mid-pandemic 'Find Something New' jobs ad campaign.


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The same administration whose fumbling of COVID-19 containment efforts ultimately worsened the ensuing jobs crisis would now like to shame you into finding "something new" to do for a living, even as the virus continues to bag an alarmingly high number of new cases around the country.

An ad campaign backed by the White House focuses on the slogan "Find Something New," and is summarized in this Associated Press report as "a product of" the Trump team's American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. The board, notably, is co-chaired by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Trump's daughter, Ivanka.

If you’re a job seeker or a career changer, building new skills can help you #FindSomethingNew. Our newest campaign helps Americans of all ages and backgrounds explore their education and training paths at https://t.co/hcAUnedKgE pic.twitter.com/4EBvqiDywn

— Ad Council (@AdCouncil) July 14, 2020

While IBM and Apple, among others, are confirmed to have also participated in the Ad Council push, frustrated Americans were quick to point out the specific tone-deafness of Ivanka's nepotism-enabled involvement. Additionally, many have expressed the vomitous feeling brought on by being told to simply "find something new" amid a pandemic that—as mentioned above—could have been handled with something resembling actual competence by the current administration.

These frustrations are strengthened by the fact that Republicans have been adamant about shuttering added unemployment benefits during the ongoing pandemic. A proposal from many GOP leaders, laughably, has been to replace the $600 boost with a bonus of sorts for those who find something new. Mathematically, of course, these two things are not the same.

As the "Find Something New" campaign starts to make the rounds with a heavy helping of tastelessness, join in on the mockery:

We thought this bullshit was satirical.

What a tone deaf message from a group of people who aren't just out-of-touch, but are completely removed from the experience of every day Americans. https://t.co/F0O5czDCu8

— Young Democrats of America (@youngdems) July 14, 2020

Holy shit, this can’t be real. 😂

Yes, all you slackers who lost your jobs because Trump bungled the pandemic: #FindSomethingNew!

White House campaign urges jobless to 'find something new' https://t.co/AJFBEZuP6T

— Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) July 14, 2020

Siri, show me something breathtakingly tone deaf. https://t.co/GNiUmpGh8W

— Derek Johnson (@derekjGZ) July 14, 2020

Ivanka: Oh you're out of work? Why can't you just, like, get a new job in a completely different field? I went from handbag designer to working in the white house - it was so easy! #FindSomethingNew

— Andrew (@Andrew__Kort) July 14, 2020

Honestly just realized that #findsomethingnew is the actual White House hashtag for its response to the unemployment crisis and not a dark joke https://t.co/ny9xv7xzvC

— Michelle Goldberg (@michelleinbklyn) July 14, 2020

Holy shit.
I’ve spent over 30 years in my career. Never making a single dollar doing anything else. The same goes for my brother who is a musician. Both of our industries are fully shut due to the pandemic. What’s the official White House response?#FindSomethingNew
Fuck you all. https://t.co/w4EllBF9gC

— Ethan Embry (@EmbryEthan) July 14, 2020

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