Watch the First Episode of New ‘Complex Money Talk’ Animated Series Featuring Gems From Top Financial Educators

The new animated series will feature four of the current moment's top financial influencers including the Budgetnista, Earn Your Leisure, and more.

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With Complex Money Talk, a new original show launching today, top financial educators are stepping up to offer free advice to help with potentially elevating one’s capital to the next level.

The animated series features four of the current moment’s leading finance-focused influencers including the Budgetnista, Earn Your Leisure, Professor Kez a.k.a. Kezia M. Williams, and Anthony O’Neal.

In the Complex Money Talk premiere, released Tuesday morning, Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche opens the proceedings with a reflection on the external factors that can affect how one views the larger world of finance in relation to their own personal financial situation. 

“Are you sick and tired of thinking that everyone on social seems to have mastered their money and you haven’t?” Aliche, who previously (see above) advised her followers to keep their social media intake in check, asks in the episode’s intro. “Well, let’s be real. Most folks on social are a whole financial mess and they’re using a filter for their face and their finances. Second, you’re losing at the game of money because you don’t know the rules.”

From there, viewers are walked through “four ways to secure the bag,” including—among other recommendations—the implementation of “no-spend days” and the use of money motto-themed screensavers.

Catch the new episode up top via YouTube, then tune in every Tuesday at 10 a.m. ET for the latest.

Complex Money Talk is part of the larger Get Money initiative, which highlights the practical aspects of financial literacy through unique stories.

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