Video Shows Angry Maskless Shopper's Attempt to Strong-Arm His Way Into Walmart

The elderly would-be shopper, among other follies, takes a hilarious tumble all for the sake of sticking it to his own health and the health of others.


Image via Getty/Scott Olson


Plug in the nearest blender, toss in equal parts Florida and idiocy-based mask aversion, and you'll end up with the following concoction of dumbassery.

As seen in the highly rewatchable video embedded for your convenience below, an elderly would-be shopper recently attempted to barge into a Walmart sans mask, ultimately landing himself a glorious bout of public embarrassment. 

Footage shows the man in question approaching the door, at which point a Walmart employee holds his hands up in an attempt to prevent him from entering. The man then charges forward, briefly scuffling with the Walmart employee before taking a floor dive one can't help but commemorate with a screenshot:


From there, you can hear someone else in the store urging the man to mask up. "You gotta wear a mask, bruh," the person is heard saying. Laughter, understandably, also ensues.

And in a follow-up clip, this Florida man's continued dispute with staff is documented. "I ain't done shit to you," he inaccurately tells one employee, at which point he's corrected for having "spit all over the fucking place."

According to TMZ, whose "guess he'll have to wait to get his weekly batch of $5 DVDs" burn is worthy of praise, this all went down at a Walmart in Orlando.

Wear a goddamn mask, squidbrains. It's not that much to ask.

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