Twitter Has Started Testing an Edit Tweet Feature

The feature has long been discussed by some users as an essential tweak to the platform, while others have argued against it. Regardless, testing has started.

The logo of news platform Twitter is seen on the display of an iPhone.

26 April 2022, Bavaria, Kempten: ILLUSTRATION - The logo of news platform Twitter is seen on the display of an iPhone. Twitter is heading for takeover by tech billionaire Elon Musk. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/dpa (Photo by Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The logo of news platform Twitter is seen on the display of an iPhone.

After much chatter and all-around speculation as to its likelihood, Twitter has now announced it has started internally testing an Edit Tweet feature, with plans to expand the tests soon.

In a statement shared Thursday, the company said the test is currently being participated in by “our team internally.” In the coming weeks, however, the test will be expanded to Twitter Blue users. In the current version of the tested Edit Tweet feature, tweets are able to be amended “a few times in the 30 minutes” after they’re initially shared.

Tweets that have been edited will carry a signifier noting they’ve been changed in some way since being shared, with a quick click allowing for the public to see any given tweet’s history of such edits. Here’s what that will look like:

A look at a new Twitter feature

The expanded Twitter Blue phase of the test will begin in a single country before being further expanded. As for the reasoning behind such a feature, here’s what Twitter is saying about their hopes for Edit Tweet:

“We’re hoping that, with the availability of Edit Tweet, tweeting will feel more approachable and less stressful. You should be able to participate in the conversation in a way that makes sense to you, and we’ll keep working on ways that make it feel effortless to do just that.”

The push from some Twitter users for this exact feature has been going on for years now, with public figures including Kim Kardashian having quite famously been among those calling for its creation.

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