Now You Can Get Turnt With Your Cat Thanks to These Feline-Friendly Wines

Now your cats can (safely) drink wine with you.

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Unless you're a hollow, empty shell of a person, the weekends are reserved for turning up to previously unforeseen heights by any means necessary. Some people opt for beer. Others opt for the legal green. And others, people like the notorious Crane brothers and your part-time poet roommate, opt for wine. But what about cats? For far too long, oenophiles were forced to down boxed wine alone as their respective cats watched in jealousy. Thanks to Apollo Peak, that's no longer an issue:

Big, if true. Thankfully, this is very, very real and currently available to purchase for equally real American dollars. Apollo Peak, based in Colorado, offers non-alcoholic and catnip-based feline snack wines. This means your cat can turn up with you and your crew without, you know, suffering the surely awful consequences of consuming actual alcohol.

According to its website, the peeps at Apollo Peak are "animals lovers just like you" and source their ingredients from local Denver farmers and shops. So not only is your cat living the high life, he or she is also supporting small businesses. The company currently offers a nice variety of Pinot Meow and Moscato for prices that won't totally destroy your party budget.

This is cool and all but what about all those wine-seeking dogs? SMH. For tips on wine humans can pair with their cats', peep this.

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