Popular SoulCycle Instructors Accused of Racism, Sleeping With Riders, Verbal Harassment, and More

An expansive new investigative report alleges that multiple popular instructors with the fitness brand have repeatedly engaged in inappropriate behavior.


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Multiple SoulCycle instructors have been named in a new investigative report alleging racism, verbal harassment, inappropriate sexual behavior toward riders, and much more.

Numerous people interviewed for the extended Business Insiderpiece, which includes insight from more than 30 insiders ranging from current and former riders to staff, said those responsible for such behavior were not removed from their positions due to their statuses as so-called "moneymakers" for the Equinox Group-owned fitness company. 

"The instructors are our product," one insider is quoted as saying in the article. "Without them it doesn't exist. And they are very demanding, and it's a talent business, and as with any Hollywood business, the talent knows that they are valuable."

Katie Warren's wide-ranging report includes various allegations against notable (i.e. famous within the community) SoulCycle instructors including Laurie Cole, Conor Kelly, Mantas Zvinas, Mike Press, and Janet Fitzgerald.

While one insider in the report expresses their hope that this report’s virality is the "nail in the coffin" ultimately inspiring those in power to take seriously these allegations, which have persisted for some time now, it's also noted that the company has seemingly put in place an intentionally "convoluted" process for formally reporting these issues to the appropriate departments.

In a statement to People on Wednesday, a rep for SoulCycle did not directly address any of the allegations from the Business Insider investigation. Instead, the rep claimed the company took "very seriously" any "complaints or allegations." Furthermore, the rep claimed, any complaints or allegations get investigated and later addressed.

For Warren's full investigative piece, which is best experienced by reading it in full in its original form, click here.

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