Protests in Pennsylvania Following Fatal Police Shooting of Man With Knife

The victim of the shooting has been identified as 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz. Police have since released footage showing what they say is Munoz holding a knife.

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Protesters are calling national attention to a fatal police shooting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In a statement released on Sunday, Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams addressed those protesters and also claimed that the office will be releasing ongoing updates regarding the shooting in a "timely" fashion.

"A police-involved shooting has significant impact on a community, as we are seeing with the large number of individuals gathering in the streets," Adams said Sunday night. "However, I am asking that all reaction be tempered as the investigation is ongoing. We will do our best to release details about the incident in a timely manner. We ask that acts of protest remain peaceful as violence and destruction of property will become headlines and serve no purpose for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and neighborhoods."

BREAKING: Officer involved shooting in Lancaster City near Laurel & Fremont Streets. Crowds gathering and beginning to hold political signs ... White and black sign pictured says, "We are done with Amerikkka. Change is coming."

— Andrea Finney (@AndreaTVNews) September 13, 2020

The victim of the shooting has been identified as 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz. According to a report from regional NBC outlet WGAL, police first responded to a residence on Laurel Street around 4 p.m. on Sunday for a "domestic disturbance in process."

Graphic body cam footage has since been released, with police stating it shows Munoz with a knife. Moving forward, the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office will conduct an investigation to determine if they consider the shooting to be a justified use of force or an instance of criminal action.

In a statement on Sunday evening, Danene Sorace—Lancaster's Mayor—noted that the officer involved in the shooting has now been placed on leave.

"This has been a heartbreaking day for our city. I grieve for the loss of life and know that there are more questions to be answered as the investigation continues," Sorace said.

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