Police Warning About THC-Laced Halloween Candy Using Photo of Edibles Spurs Memes and Jokes

The tweeted jokes are piling up in response to the latest brazen propaganda effort from police about weed edibles, just in time for Halloween.

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Police who don’t understand what edibles are and/or remain vested in full-blown propaganda of the antiquated Reefer Madness variety are at it again.

The latest example began with a tweet about an upcoming 6abc report out of Pennsylvania regarding Bensalem police, namely their “warning” to parents about Halloween candy “laced with THC.”

Hilariously, albeit frustratingly, the news clip in question opens with a reporter standing in front of a blown-up photo of a package of presumably savory Stoner Patch Dummies. The packaging, as with all edibles, is quite clearly marked to note that this is a product intended for enjoying the merits of THC. Thus, to present any of this as an example of someone trying to “lace” candy with THC is inaccurate.

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot of sick and evil people out there and that’s the world we live in,” Fred Harran, the head of public safety with the Bensalem Township Police Department, said in the report. According to police, the edibles—which, again, are clearly marked as edibles—were confiscated during a traffic stop from someone who got them while in California.

Anyone who’s ever purchased edibles or is even vaguely aware of the industry surrounding them knows that these packages are far from cheap, meaning no one in their right mind would even consider wasting them by handing them out to children.

Even Harran conceded that these edibles don’t closely resemble actual candies or snacks, though he also unconvincingly argued that a child could quickly access one of the packages, despite the packaging itself being far more difficult to open than a simple-to-rip bag of chips or candy. 

All in all, this is a whole heap of ludicrousness. See how people are reacting to it below.

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