Kellyanne Conway on Trump's Mexico Wall Challenges: 'There Are Rivers Involved, I'm Told'

You might recognize Conway for her previous work on the creation of a fake massacre to justify Trump's Muslim ban.

Kellyanne Conway
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Kellyanne Conway

Brain-dead dolts who emerged from their usual habitat of extended "Bawitdaba" listening sessions and Last Man Standing binging to vote for a failed steak salesman were pretty stoked on the idea of a Mexico border wall in 2016. In fact, you could reasonably argue that Trump's illogical talking point went a long way in getting him into the White House, a location usually reserved for people who have never hosted a reality show.

However, according to noted liar and prolific bullshit deliverer Kellyanne Conway, the word "wall" is a bit of a subjective term. "What's true is that after conferring with the experts who are involved in this process, Christopher, the president has discovered that part of it will be, he knows, part of it will be the physical wall, part of it is better technology, part of it is also fencing," Conway, who once referenced a massacre that doesn't exist to defend Trump's immigration stance, told CNN's Chris Cuomo Wednesday night. 

"You know, there are rivers involved, I'm told," Conway added. "There are mountains involved. There's terrain that isn't conducive to building an actual physical structure in some places." Conway also mentioned something about a Slip 'N Slide. I don't fucking know.


Speaking of baffling displays of idiocy, the Washington Postcataloged Trump's 2,000th lie as an alleged POTUS earlier this week. Jimmy Kimmel promptly released a retrospective of Trump's thousands of lies, which you can gleefully consume below while pondering just how far we've fallen as a society:

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