A Mexican congressman is giving Trump the ultimate middle finger. Braulio Guerra climbed a 30-foot coastline fence between Mexico and the United States to show the absurdity of the former Apprentice host's obsession with a border wall, the New York Daily News reported Friday. Guerra, a Querétaro representative, shared video and photos of himself chilling atop the fence near Tijuana:

"I was able to scale it, climb it, and sit myself right here," Guerra said in a clip posted to his Twitter account. "It would be simple for me to jump into the United States, which shows that it is unnecessary and totally absurd to build a wall." His presence atop the fence, Guerra added, shows just how "unnecessary" Trump's proposed wall (and related rhetoric) is.

Last month, Reuters reported that Trump's proposed "wall" along the Mexico border would cost significantly more than the figure cited during the campaign. The wall, according to a Homeland Security report peeped by Reuters, would actually be a "series of fences and walls" that would set the country back as much as $21.6 billion. Though Mexico has repeatedly said they have no plans to pay for this so-called "wall," Trump has claimed they will pay us back after Congress approves funding.

During his speech to Congress this week, Trump vowed to start construction on the wall sooner than expected. "We will soon begin the construction of a great wall along our southern border," Trump said. "It will be started ahead of schedule and, when finished, it will be a very effective weapon against drugs and crime." There's only one (well, not only one) problem with that promise, as Slate noted in their report: There is no apparent schedule!​