Don't Expect to Get That Jet Black iPhone 7 Anytime Soon

Don't expect your Jet Black iPhone 7 anytime soon: it's already backordered.

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When selecting a new car, it's best to go with all black everything. When copping new shoes, black is again the way to go. Need a warm but realistically comfortable jacket? Black. Shirts, socks, shoelaces, bras, underwear, creepy colored contact lenses? Black! Thus it comes as little surprise that Apple decided to unveil a sleek new Jet Black iPhone 7 at this week's keynote event, only to damn near break the internet with pre-orders.

As first spotted by Mashable, the Jet Black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models are easily the most popular among the pre-order options. The not-as-cool color options like Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver offer buyers a specific delivery date (usually Sept. 16) when pre-ordering. The Jet Black edition, however, is hitting frustrated consumers with an estimated shipping date of three to four weeks out. The Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus? Don't expect that to arrive until, like, November.

Naturally, those in need of a Jet Black iPhone (i.e. everyone?) promptly fired off some pissed AF tweets to let the world in on their anguish:

If you're up for the wait but kinda worried about covering your sweet new Jet Black iPhone in scratches and fingerprints, then maybe the Matte Black model is more your speed. As long as we're still talking black-on-black, you're still on the cool list and still avoiding the competition's issues with exploding batteries.

In addition to the new iPhone, Apple also debuted the Apple Watch Series 2 (feel free to send me one, Tim Cook!), iOS 10, and Super Mario Run. Immediately after Mario's iPhone arrival was announced, Nintendo's stock soared and the general mood of the planet was forever lifted.

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