Influencer and Reality TV Star Arrested in Connection With Drug and Fraud Offenses, Alleged Gang Involvement

Gaby Castillo, also known as Briela Sanz, previously appeared on the TV series 'Enamorándonos' and had more recently been building a music career.

Gaby Castillo, an Instagram influencer and musical artist who appeared on the reality TV series Enamorándonos, is reported to have been detained by officials from the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection in Mexico in connection with drug and fraud charges.

26-year-old Castillo, who used the stage name Briela Sanz for her music, was, per the New York Post, arrested in Mexico City on Monday alongside 35-year-old José Hareff Soto Jimenez. At the time, Castillo was reportedly riding in a black pickup truck and is said to have been “in possession of” the equivalent of roughly $49,000 in cash.

Meanwhile, a regional report fromEl Universal claims Gaby Castillo and José Hareff are romantic partners, adding that Castillo was previously linked with Óscar Andrés Flores Ramírez (a.k.a. El Lunares). The latter is currently behind bars and has been described as the leader of the La Unión Tepito criminal group.

The El Universalreport also alleges that Castillo has been identified as a member of that group, adding that she is believed to have become involved with the drug trade after music career difficulties. José Hareff, meanwhile, is alleged to have been involved in what’s described as a “high-end vehicle fraud” operation that targeted sellers of luxury vehicles via bad checks.

The Postreport notes that arresting authorities found “hundreds” of packages in the aforementioned vehicle that they believe contain cocaine and marijuana. Castillo is also at the center of a reported investigation focused on an alleged blackmail operation.

A press release from the Secretariat of Security and Civilian Protection, shared Monday, doesn’t name the individuals involved but does detail the discovery of what authorities said were “169 plastic bags with a white powder” and 70 plastic bags filled with what appeared to be cannabis.

The legal fate of the 35-year-old man and 26-year-old woman, per authorities, is now up to the Federal Public Ministry.

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