Hunter Who Killed Siberian Husky Reportedly Facing Animal Cruelty Charge

Last month, a Facebook post about the killing inspired widespread pushback, including from advocates against hunting-spurred animal cruelty.

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Content warning: This post contains images some may consider graphic.

Following weeks of controversy, as well as a public callout from PETA, the woman who shot and skinned a Siberian Husky is now reported to be facing a criminal charge in connection with the killing.

According to TMZ, a Montana-based hunter by the name of Amber Rose Barnes has now been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty in connection with the violent act, which she was previously reported to have boasted about on social media.

PETA shared a piece about Barnes’ killing in September, notably including a screenshot of an initial Facebook post in which she expressed pride for having “smoked a wolf pup.” Amid swiftly delivered pushback, namely from activists against animal abuse, Barnes amended her commentary on the hunting incident to include claims of having felt she was in danger prior to killing what she says she (incorrectly) thought was “a hybrid wolf pup.”

Amid the initial blowback to Barnes’ sharing of graphic photos of the dead animal, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in Montana shared a statement with regional outlets revealing that a number of dogs had been abandoned near Doris Creek. 

At the time, a department rep told KPAX and other outlets that an estimated 11 dogs, described as “husky and shepherd mix dogs,” were picked up in the region, with more dogs later found and taken in by Animal Control officials. Some of the dogs, authorities said, had tested positive for parvovirus.

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