Dog Named Hero Senses 4-Year-Old's Dangerous Blood Sugar Drop From Miles Away

Sadie, a 4-year-old child with Type 1 diabetes, was more than five miles away at the time.

Ah yes. Dogs. What can't they do? Thanks to the hyperviolent and admittedly hilarious Keanu, all anyone seems capable of discussing right now is how cool cats supposedly are. We get it. But while cats were busy becoming mainstream megastars, dogs were out doing the truly valuable work. Take, for example, this amazing dog named Hero:

Hero, a trained diabetic alert dog, was able to pick up on a rise in blood sugar in 4-year-old Sadie while miles away. Sadie, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, was away at school in Cedar Hills, Utah when Hero started alerting her owners to the increase in blood sugar. "He's normally a very quiet dog," Michelle, Sadie's mother, toldKUTV on Tuesday. "Whining is not in his protocol. But he just started whining and he would not stop."

Though the dog was more than five miles away from the young girl, Michelle called the school to check on Sadie's levels. "(Michelle) called me and asked if I could check her numbers and they were fine," Ms. Stoneman, Sadie's teacher, said. "I tested her and it was fine. Then within half an hour she went down." Sadie's numbers then plummeted from 122 to 82, an apparent "danger zone" for the child.

The family, who posts regular updates about the intuitive dog on their Sadie's Hero Facebook page, can't explain Hero's ability to simply know that something was wrong with Sadie while miles apart. Though Hero's touching act of protection that fateful December would appear to defy reason, they are simply thankful for his presence. "I've always called Sadie our little angel," the child's father explained to KUTV. "I think Hero was a little angel sent into our lives to watch over her."

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