On the surface, keeping over 1,000 cats under one roof sounds like an extreme case of animal hoarding. You know, where a house is in despicable living conditions, the animals are malnourished, and some are even found deceased in the ruins. Now that you've got that morbid image in your head think of the exact opposite and you'll have the Cat House on the Kings. 

Run by Lynea Lattanzio this cat sanctuary in Parlier,Calif. hosts 1,100 cats (800 adults, 300 kittens). The cats can be found all over Lattanzio's 4,200 square foot home, as seen in the video above, which she's left solely for the cats, moving into a 1,600 square foot trailer on the sanctuary's property. These cats live better than you or me running about the now 12 acre property. It began with 6 acres but then Lattanzio was left an estate by a donor which she sold, putting the money towards buying the property next door. Lattanzio runs the sanctuary with the help of a staff spending over $1.6 million a year. The money comes from donations, though Lattanzio said when she started the sanctuary—24 years ago—she paid from her own pocket. 

Lattanzio's goal is for the cats to be adopted. She says 500 are currently qualified for adoption.