Footage Shows Packed College Party in Georgia Despite Ongoing Pandemic

The state of Georgia, like many in the South, continues putting up troubling numbers on the board when it comes to the ongoing spread of COVID-19.

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The dumbassery on display throughout this grueling pandemic, particularly in the U.S., will surely baffle historians for eons to come. And while the current administration continues to twiddle its collective micro-penis or whatever instead of actually offering any substantial relief or clear messaging, the coronavirus-related dumbassery has only continued to multiply.

This has been especially true down south, where it's rather horrifyingly common to run into an aggressive anti-masker whose drool is often comprised almost exclusively of Facebook-ified conspiracy theories and a general disregard for actual science of any kind.

Put another way, this is indeed another article about yet another example of a way-too-big (and largely maskless) gathering that is sadly a sign that—for many in the U.S.—things may not be getting better anytime soon.

This one comes to us from an off-campus apartment complex near the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. Footage shared to social media over the weekend shows a swath of individual engaged in partying despite, you know, the ongoing pandemic and whatnot.

In a statement shared with CNN on Monday, a rep from the university—which has an indoor mask policy—condemned the gathering.

"We are disappointed that many of our students chose to ignore COVID-19 public health guidance by congregating in a large group without social distancing or face coverings," Sylvia Carson, the school's executive director of communications, said.

As of Aug. 17, the CDC had reported 5.4 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and nearly 170,000 deaths. In the state of Georgia, meanwhile, the regional health department reported 1,873 new cases and 33 new deaths on Sunday. The statewide total thus far is 237,030 cases with 4,702 deaths. Still, many in the region are still against a mask mandate, despite continued advice from health officials that a more unified and stricter approach to virus containment efforts could—of course—make quite a difference.

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