Footage Shows Man Allegedly Trying to Abduct Barista at Drive-Thru, Suspect Arrested

The incident took place in the Auburn area of Washington state earlier this week. A suspect has since been arrested, with police thanking locals for their help.

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A suspect has been arrested after widely shared footage showed a man attempting to abduct a Washington barista by pulling them through the drive-thru window.

Per a report from Seattle outlet KIRO-TV, the suspect in question—who had not been publicly named in reports or official updates at the time of this writing—was taken into custody at his home in the Auburn area on Tuesday. For now, expected charges against the suspect include attempted kidnapping, among others.

In an initial statement shared earlier this week alongside footage of the incident, the Auburn Police Department asked for help from the general public in identifying the suspect after he “attempted to abduct a barista during the early morning hours” on Monday.

According to police, the man had attempted to pull the barista through the drive-thru window using what they described as a “looped zip-tie device.” Ultimately, as seen in the footage itself, the victim fought off the suspect, who fled the scene. The footage, seen above and below, shows a suspect in a large truck attempting to pull the barista through the window, ultimately speeding away and dropping an undisclosed amount of cash in the process.

“The suspect has a unique tattoo on his left forearm that appears to read ‘Chevrolet,’” police said at the time.

In an update shared shortly after, police confirmed the suspect had been arrested due in part to the “overwhelming support” of the Auburn community.

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