Florida Woman in Labor Stops to Vote on Way to Hospital

The Florida woman's husband walked into an Orlando elections office and surprised a worker with his request for a ballot for his mid-labor wife.


Image via Getty/Joe Raedle


A mid-labor Florida woman recently made a point to stop and ensure a vote in the 2020 presidential election before hitting the hospital.

Karen Briceño González, a voter service department worker at the Orange County Supervisor of Elections Office in Orlando, was on the job at the time of the pre-hospital ballot request and later told CNN she had never seen "anything like this" in the past. According to Briceño González, a man walked into the elections office on Oct. 27 and requested a vote-by-mail ballot for his wife, who was outside in the car due to the aforementioned status of being smack dab in the middle of labor.

"I was helping at the counter with the voters for early voting and I got a gentleman handing me two driver's licenses," Briceño González recalled when detailing the surely memorable day. "I was telling him, 'No, I just need yours. If the other person wants to come in and vote, they can.' And he said, 'No, you don't understand. My wife's going to have a baby.'"

From there, a vote-by-mail ballot was printed off and taken to the car by Briceño González. The woman, whose name is not included in reports of the incident, promptly filled out the ballot before thanking the elections office worker for making the experience as stress-free as possible given the circumstances.

In-person voting is now underway across the U.S. Given that the COVID-19 pandemic is also still very much in full force, please be sure to wear a mask and keep social distancing in mind when at the polls.

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