2 Dead Bodies and Nearly 3 Tons of Cocaine Found on Submarine Seized by Colombian Navy

The deaths had occurred due to exposure to toxic fuel fumes, officials said when announcing the seizure of the vessel, which was carrying nearly 3 tons of coke.

A cocaine submarine is seen in water

Image via the Colombian National Navy

A cocaine submarine is seen in water

The Colombian National Navy announced over the weekend that it had seized a submarine containing two dead bodies and just under three tons of cocaine.

Per a report from the Telegraph, the coke in question was on its way to Central America when the submarine was seized off the coast of Colombia. In a news release shared by the Colombian Navy on Sunday, it was further revealed that two other individuals had also been discovered aboard the vessel, with both having received medical attention due to “poor health” caused by exposure to toxic fuel fumes.

Al interior de la embarcación, fueron hallados dos sujetos en malas condiciones de salud, y dos cuerpos sin vida, al parecer por la inhalación de gases tóxicos. Esta operación evitó el ingreso de más de 87 millones de dólares a estructuras de organizaciones narcotraficantes.

The value of the nearly 5,900 pounds of cocaine aboard the semi-submersible submarine, according to the Colombian Navy, was approximately $87 million.

“The Colombian Navy will continue deploying all its capabilities to counter the scourge of drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific,” officials said on Sunday.

Of course, this isn’t the first seizure of its kind. Back in 2019, for example, the U.S. Coast Guard claimed it had seized a submarine containing what they said was over $165 million of cocaine. In that case, four individuals were taken into custody in connection with the alleged coke sub operation.

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