April O'Neil and Other Porn Stars Reveal Their Favorite Video Games of All Time

Video games get a lot of shine from April O'Neil and other porn stars in the latest episode of Wood Rocket's "Ask a Porn Star" series.

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Surely you've seen at least one episode of Wood Rocket's damn near classic "Ask a Porn Star" series by now. The concept, of course, is pretty simple: A selection of prominent actors and actresses from the adult film world come together in the name of knowledge and reveal everything from how they really feel about facials to how best to give an effective handjob. However, for their latest episode, Wood Rocket decided to team up with Fap to the Future star April O'Neil to ask a far more pressing question: What's your favorite video game of all time?

For Cadence Lux, star of the critically acclaimed Oral in the Family, the answer is evidently "none of the above." "I suck at them myself," Lux said. "So I don't really play any at all." Fair enough! Others took a more nostalgic route with their answers, even going as far back as the beloved relic of a bygone era, the Nintendo 64.

"I will go way back and say Nintendo 64," Stevie Foxx revealed. "I loved Mario Party. That was my shit!" Dixie Comet agreed, calling the classic game "pretty fucking badass" and noting she would often "play the shit" out of it. Wow. Same. Elsewhere, other notable classics including the Grand Theft Auto franchise and Crash Bandicoot receive honorable mentions.

Video games not exactly your cup of herbal tea? That's cool. Here's April O'Neil and a roundtable of adult film stars keeping it 100 about their favorite superhero movies of all time instead:

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