77-Year-Old Woman Marries Herself: ‘This Is Something I’ve Always Wanted’

Relationships are cool, but have you ever tried fully loving yourself?

Video via WLWT

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Video via WLWT

Life is both long and short, equal parts grueling and incredible, but it’s all made a hell of a lot more fun if you love yourself. Preferably, it’s best to love yourself to the point of taking what should always be the most important relationship in your life to the next level by asking yourself to take your own hand in marriage

That’s exactly what Dorothy "Dottie" Fideli, 77, did in Ohio this past weekend—understandably spurring a slew of news coverage in the process. Per a report from local outlet WLWT, Dottie—who lives at a retirement facility in the Goshen area—was feeling both “nervous” and “excited” ahead of the big day.

“I never thought I’d look this pretty in a bride thing,” she told reporters. “It’s emotional for me because this is something I’ve always wanted.”

In 1965, Dottie embarked on a traditional marriage by way of a small courthouse ceremony. She was divorced nine years later. In the decades since, she’s learned to value the importance of nurturing the self, leading up to a revelation she says she had during a recent church service.

“I have been with myself for 40 years,” she said. “Something just came over me one day in church, that you oughta do something special for yourself.” 

Love, Dottie added, is “the most important thing” on the planet. 

“If you love God and love yourself, this world will be a field of roses,” she said when asked to give advice to those who may be waiting on the ideal partner.

Hopefully, everyone reading this finds the courage to love themselves in the same way. After all, none of us are getting out of this life alive. You might as well learn to savor your own company while you're here.

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