Man Busted With 122 Pounds of Weed After Bags Full of That Sticky Icky Fell Onto Nebraska Highway

HOW many pounds?!

Marijuana in jar

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Marijuana in jar

While possession of marijuana has been legal in Colorado since 2014, it's certainly not legal to carry across state borders—especially not this much. A Colorado man was busted with over a hundred pounds of weed in his truck's not-so-hidden compartment, thanks to bags falling from the flatbed trailer and onto Interstate 80, KDVR reports

Working on a tip from someone driving behind the vehicle that saw packages tumbling out of it,  Nebraska State Patrol Troopers recovered the fallen package before starting the hunt for the trailer, pulled by a Dodge Ram down the interstate.

They located the trailer in the early afternoon around 3 p.m., revealing a haul worth well over $360,000 in a compartment hidden underneath the trailer bed.

The State Patrol was quick to post about the bust on social media, tweeting and sharing photos of the findings to thousands.


Troopers are trained to detect signs of drug trafficking, but it's not too tough to spot when bags of marijuana are literally FALLING ONTO I-80.

NSP found 122 lbs of marijuana in a hidden compartment in the trailer.


— Nebraska State Patrol (@NEStatePatrol) January 20, 2018

Today's hint: if you are carrying over 120 pounds of marijuana, pack it so that it doesn't fall out while driving down the interstate. Luckily someone called us so we could reunite them with their lost packages.

— NSP Troop C (@NSP_TroopC) January 20, 2018

The duo was arrested and taken to Buffalo County Jail, where 48-year-old Charlie Red of Colorado and 29-year-old Damaisy Rodriguez of Florida face charges of Possession of Marijuana over a pound, Possession With Intent to Deliver, and No Drug Tax Stamp.

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