Twitter to Take Away the Ability to Tweet Multiple GIFs

Twitter Support on Monday announced that it's putting a stop to the hack, citing "performance issues."


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Well, that was fun while it lasted.

A hack was recently discovered that allows you to tweet two or multiple GIFs on Twitter by converting a GIF into an animated PNG. The social media platform is able to upload animated PNGs, which are known as Animated Portable Network Graphics.

Twitter users quickly took advantage of the hack.

Twitter Support on Monday announced that it is putting a stop to the hack, citing "performance issues."

"We recently found a bug that lets you add multiple animated images to a Tweet using Animated PNG files. APNGs ignore our safeguards and can cause performance issues for the app and your device," Twitter Support tweeted. "Today we’re fixing the bug which will no longer allow APNGs to animate when Tweeted."

"Existing APNG files uploaded to Twitter will not be removed, and our teams will look into building a similar feature that’s better for you and your Twitter experience," they continued.

As one can imagine, people were not happy about the news.

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