Weed-Loving Elderly Couple Busted by the Ops Again

The elderly couple caught with 60 pounds of marijuana for 'Christmas presents' is back in jail.

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Remember the weed-gifting grandparents who got caught with 60 pounds of marijuana for "presents" this past Christmas driving from California to Vermont? Well, it looks like the ops nabbed them again. 

According to a report by the Lincoln Journal Star, Patrick and Barbara Jiron were pulled over in Nebraska and jailed for carrying more than $18,000 in suspected drug money. The elderly California couple was pulled over with their 42-year old daughter behind the wheel for following another vehicle too closely on the highway. According to police reports, the Jirons would not give the deputy who pulled them over permission to search their vehicle. 

As it turns out, they had a pretty good reason. The couple had—you guessed it—even more weed-related stuff in the car. Lancaster County Sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Mayo told the Omaha World-Herald that the couple signed an abandonment form claiming the money was not there's, but that didn't stop them from getting locked up once again. Local authorities also came across an entire garbage bag covered in weed residue. The Jirons clearly don't play around. They're out here moving weight at all times. 

Maybe in the future this kush-loving couple will stay away from the state of Nebraska on their cross country commutes. This is the second time they got nabbed in the state in as many months. If you thought $18,000 and a probably-once-filled garbage bag was a lot, last time they got caught with multiple garbage bags of the sticky green stuff valued at around $300,000. Those were definitely going to be some, ahem, dope Christmas gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Cannabis Claus. 

Better yet, maybe the couple should just keep their weed habits inside the confines of their home state of California, where consumption of their favorite plant is newly legal. Both of the Jirons have been released after paying 10-percent of their $2,500 bail, according to the Omaha World-Herald

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