Texas Police Officer Urges People to 'Pop a Cap in the First Clown You See' to End 'This Clown Crap'

Hoping to end "this clown crap," a Texas police officer urges people to "pop a cap in the first clown you see."

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As the country is losing its mind over clowns, one police officer down in Texas has offered a solution: shoot the clowns. While Twitter was coming up with what they'd do if they saw a clown, a Denton police officer had her own answer to the creepy clown epidemic: "Pop a cap in the first clown you see."

According to the Dallas Morning News, Officer Latrice Pettaway, who started as a police officer in 2014, wrote on Facebook: "This clown crap is really getting on my nerves. People please grow up before a 2nd amendment junkie puts a hole in your ass."

Commenting on her own post, she tagged someone named Wil and told him to "please handle it." When he asked what he was supposed to do, Pettaway answered, "Pop a cap in the first clown you see." She followed up, "Someone needs to just hit one and the rest of these fools will learn."

One of Pettaway's friends wrote on Facebook, "I think I heard that one was already hit in the head somewhere up north today," likely referring to a fake story about a clown who was shot in Indiana. But Pettaway, who apparently didn't fact check the story, enthusiastically replied, "Great!"

Orlando Hinojosa, a Denton police spokesperson, told the Denton Record-Chronicle that he believes Pettaway "jokingly" wrote the comments and didn't intend any harm.

Still, a different police spokesperson, Shane Kizer, told the Dallas Morning News that shooting clowns is "absolutely not" how police want people to respond to the clown hysteria, and added, "We frown upon posts like that."

MURDER CLOWNS: this a good time?

AMERICA: fuck it. why not.

— Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) October 4, 2016

Meanwhile, the American Clown Epidemic of 2016 rages on. 

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