Even Neo-Nazis Admit Donald Trump Got Wrecked by Hillary Clinton Last Night

Even neo-nazis are admitting that Donald Trump got wrecked by Hillary Clinton last night.

Donald Trump at the presidential debate, doing a weird thing with his tiny hand.

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Donald Trump at the presidential debate, doing a weird thing with his tiny hand.

Most people seem to agree that Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in last night's presidential debate, which probably isn't all that surprising given how this election has been going. But even some of Trump's biggest fanboys—neo-Nazis—admit that Clinton got the better of their boy Donny T.

First: some background.

When Stormfront was founded by a KKK leader in 1996, it was the first racist hate site on the internet. Self-described as the "Voice of new embattled White minority," the online forum is one of the most popular websites for white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Typically, the white nationalists at Stormfront are supportive of Trump. After all, Holocaust denier and former KKK leader David Duke announced his support for Trump earlier this year and said that "voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage." Believing that "Trump is riding a wave of anti-establishment feeling that I've been nurturing for 25 years," Duke believes he and Trump share the same values. As he's said before, "I'm overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues that I've championed for years. My slogan remains America first." 

And the support isn't just one-way; Trump has tweeted out neo-Nazi images on multiple occasions.

So, yeah, you'd expect the people over Stormfront to have Trump's back, even as he was ethering himself. But nope, even white nationalists are admitting that Trump got slammed last night, as Deadspin pointed out.

For example, one self-described "hard core Trump supporter" confessed: "Hillary mopped the floor with Trump tonight. She destroyed him. He was very unprepared and left a ton of opportunities to whack her on the table. I am very very disappointed—Trump should have spent hours and hours preparing for this debate and he basically just winged it."

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While saying that "the debate was clearly biased in her favor," one dude admitted, "I would have to say Hillary looked better informed, cool and focused. I think she won."

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This guy put it more simply: "Hillary won on points."

Image via Stormfront.org

One guy called Trump out for his sniffles, writing, "I'm definitely pro Trump, but the man needs to get his sinuses checked. Stop with the sniffing!"

Another user was "dissatisfied" with Trump since he "doesn't study for debates."

Of course, other white nationalists didn't fault Trump, and instead blamed the African-American moderator, Lester Holt, whom they mostly described with racist slurs.

One dude claims that Trump "kept his cool and kept that interrupting n**** in his place." Others agreed, with somebody writing, "Trump was debating two people tonight. The bitch and [L]ester the molester [H]olt." A different user wrote, "Holt tried hard to rile Trump, obviously. He is an AA hired house boy working for Clinton."

Image via Stormfront.org

Another believes that "The stupid Google moderator was OBVIOUSLY pro-Hillary," and that Holt gave Clinton the questions beforehand:

Image via Stormfront.org

Some pretty offensive stuff there, but maybe that's what we should've expected from the leading white supremacist forum.

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