Here Are All of the Best Tweets From the First Presidential Debate

Twitter was going nuts during last night's presidential debate.

Image via @rashadalaiyan


Image via @rashadalaiyan

Last night's showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was the "most tweeted debate ever," passing the 10.3 million tweets sent during 2012's first presidential debate. You can't be expected to read millions of tweets, so we've picked some of the best for y'all.

From the start, Trump was called out for being unprepared for the debate:

When the two candidates started popping off on each other, poor Lester Holt seemed to be struggle to keep it under control:

Trump got clowned on for his misogyny:

Many people cracked jokes about Trump's sniffles, with former Democratic presidential candidate and governor Howard "The Scream" Dean suggesting that Trump is a cokehead:

Dean's tweet prompted Ana Marie Cox to fire back:

Tim Dickinson tied the coke conspiracy theories to Trump's support for stop-and-frisk:

At one point in the debate, Trump yet again lied about always being opposed to the Iraq War. When called on it, he brought up his Fox News buddy Sean Hannity, who, Trump claims, is "willing to say, but nobody wants to call him, I was against the war." Twitter got a kick out of it:

Of course, you know, Hannity has his own TV show... so it's a little weird that Trump acted like nobody's willing to ask Hannity about it:

Hillary Clinton faces a lot of double standards as the first female candidate, and Twitter pointed that out:

While it's unfair that so much emphasis is placed on Clinton's looks, some of the outfit jokes were just too good:

Others called out Trump's weak attempts at clapping back at Clinton:

After calling for "law and order," Trump got wrecked:

And these are just great:

In the end though, here's the main takeaway from the debate:


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