Watch Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Do a Hilarious Bootleg 'Between Two Ferns' Interview

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein took part in a hilarious bootleg 'Between Two Ferns' interview.

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With all the media coverage of the upcoming election, it's almost impossible to avoid hearing about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But you probably haven't heard nearly as much about Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party's presidential candidate. Luckily, we're here to enlighten you a little bit by sharing this hilarious Between Two Ferns-style interview with Stein.

With the campaign hitting its homestretch, Jill Stein was interviewed on a "Third Party Cocktail Party," with the host eating a shrimp cocktail with the third party candidate.

I ate shrimp with @DrJillStein but our little party was busted by the police and she resisted arrest. Take a look:

— Xavier Rotnofsky (@xrotnofsky) October 27, 2016

The host is Xavier Rotnofsky, who recently moved to Los Angeles. The 22-year-old comedian has been called "the funniest interviewer this side of Galifianakis." The former student body president at the University of Texas at Austin has interviewed presidential candidates before, including Martin O'Malley, who rapped in his interview

Green Party candidate @DrJillStein agrees to talk to @rotnofsky, the funniest interviewer this side of Galifianakis.

— Chris Moody (@moody) October 27, 2016

After Stein declined to eat shrimp with him, Rotnofsky noted that a lot of people think this race is only about Trump and Clinton. But, Rotnofsky said, recent polls have found Stein polling around 21 percent, "and that's like a real big spike." Stein laughed nervously and said she hasn't seen those polls yet and that she's not sure where those numbers are coming from. Then, Rotnofsky clarified, "Oh, sorry, I misread that. It's 2.1 percent." Ouch.

A bit later in the interview, Rotnofsky asked Stein when she's going to release her Goldman Sachs speeches. "That's actually the other woman in the race," Stein replied. "There are two women in the race."

If Trump is elected and he builds that wall, Rotnofsky asked, "How are we gonna get those cool drugs from Mexico?" Stein, trying to actually talk politics, said we need to end the war on drugs and that "marijuana is a drug that's dangerous because it's illegal." Rotnofsky quipped, "Are you telling me that you sell? 'Cause I'd buy." But nope, Stein said she's a boring person and doesn't use drugs, let alone sell them. 

Throughout her campaign, Stein has struggled with questions and doubts about vaccines, which has been widely criticized. So Rotnofsky asked, "If we ever had kids, would we vaccinate them?" Stein shot him down, "Um, are you and I going to have kids? I don't think you and I are going to have kids." To which Rotnofsky responded, "Yeah, because vaccines made me impotent." When asked about the interview on Wednesday, Rotnofsky told Complex, "Honestly, I'm still trying to get over the fact that I was curved by Jill Stein."

Later in the interview, Stein was asked which two of the three she'd "smooch": Vladmir Putin of Russia, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS, or Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Stein was left speechless for a few seconds before saying, "Yeah, uh, I don't think, um, I don't think it's in the cards for any of them actually." The video then flashed to a clip of al-Baghdadi giving a speech, with the subtitles below quoting him as saying, "I wish Jill Stein would give me a smooch. Maybe someday."

Because of her activism regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline, Stein actually has a warrant out for her arrest. As Rotnofsky asked Stein about the warrant, a scantily-clad "police officer" walked in and started putting handcuffs on Stein. "Actually, I'm going to resist arrest here," Stein said. When Stein asked to see his badge, the officer showed her his belt buckle, which said "police" on it. But Stein wasn't having it. She raised a peace sign with the handcuffs dangling from her wrist and N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police" dropped as the video faded out.

You can watch the full video above. 

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