Air Canada Sued for $20M After Losing Gold Bars, Cash in Heist at Pearson Airport

There have yet to be any arrests and the stolen good have yet to be found.

Steve Russell / Toronto Star via Getty Images

Brink's filed a $20 million lawsuit against Air Canada following a heist at Toronto's Pearson Airport that resulted in stolen gold bars and cash.

The heist took place in April and Peel Regional Police inspector Stephen Duivesteyn said that the container of valuables had been removed from the plane through "illegal means."

According to CBC News, Brink's is suing Air Canada in an attempt to receive the money it had lost as a result of the heist.

CBC obtained court documents that revealed Raiffeisen and Valcambi, a pair of Swiss banks, had commissioned Brink's to transport 400 kilograms of gold, valued at just over 13 million Swiss francs, or $20 million CAD, and close to $2 million in U.S. currency from Zurich to Toronto.

The reports write that Brink's alleged "an unidentified individual gained access to AC's cargo storage facilities. No security protocols or features were in place to monitor, restrict or otherwise regulate the unidentified individual's access to the facilities."

Brink's also alleged that the individual had given a phony waybill to Air Canada staff who did not verify its authenticity.

The police investigation is still ongoing though the stolen goods have not been recovered, nor has a suspect been apprehended.

CBC News added that Brink's is seeking a trial in Toronto in Federal Court.

Air Canada has also yet to comment on the situation.

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