Alaska Congressman Thinks Arming Jewish People Would Have Helped Stop the Holocaust

Hot take.

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Alaska Congressman Don Young seems to believe the Holocaust could have been avoided if Jewish people were armed. 

When responding to questions about how to mitigate gun violence in schools in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, Young asked rhetorically, “How many Jews were put into the ovens because they were unarmed?” Oy vey. The rather tone-def remark came during a heated town hall debate between Young and Dimitri Shein, a democrat running for Young’s seat. Good thing Shein recorded the whole thing. Young also said that 50 million Russians were killed due to lack of gun ownership. I'm sure fellow Alaskan Sarah Palin has a thought or two on that, seeing as how she thinks she can see Russia from her house.

As you might suspect, Young is a member of the NRA and agrees with the President that arming teachers would be a great idea. According to Young, video games and the breakdown of American families are responsible for gun violence in this country, not you know…guns. Based on the crowd’s reaction, quite a few people agree with Young's theory.

As TMZ notes, there was actually a Nazi law that barred Jews from owning guns, but they had a heavily militarized Nazi army with which to contend. 

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