Tennessee HS Student Arrested After 2 School Officials and Nurse Exposed to Fentanyl Hidden in Vape Pen

A Tennessee high school student was arrested after two school resource officers and a nurse were exposed to fentanyl that was hidden inside of a vape pen.

An empty classroom is seen.

An empty classroom is seen at Hollywood High School.

An empty classroom is seen.

A high school student was arrested Tuesday for exposing two school resource officers and a nurse to fentanyl, per Alabama Local News. 

All three faculty members at Sequoyah High School who were exposed through the 17-year-old’s vape pen, which contained fentanyl, were given Narcan, and appear to be “stable and doing well.” According WVLT, the vape cartridge was free of fentanyl. Instead, the powerful drug was reportedly wrapped in paper and put inside of the vape.

None of the students were harmed. 

“We can also confirm that the school area has been thoroughly inspected. To further confirm the area’s safety for our students and staff members moving forward, however, we have also contacted a private cleaning/restoration company to thoroughly clean and sanitize the same area,” Kristi Windsor, director of Monroe County, Tenn. schools, said via Facebook. 

The incident occurred when the unidentified student was asked to leave because they were “acting up,” WBIR-TV reports. The school resource officers were called upon to remove the student, and as they were being taken out, the vape pen fell to the ground. It was picked up and they continued to the office.  

Windsor said the incident will lead to the presence of a drug dog who will conduct random searches of the school grounds. Faculty will be trained on how to identify and respond to instances of drug use.

Some parents previously stressed concerns about drug use in Sequoyah High School becoming a “growing problem,” citing occasions where students were seen taking drugs in the school. The issue will be brought up at the next Monroe County School Board meeting later this month. 

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