Former R. Kelly Cellmate Sentenced to 19 Months for Threatening to Kill Congress Members

Brandon Hunt was sentenced after being convicted earlier this year of threatening to assault and kill members of Congress following the Jan. 6 riots.

Picture of an empty courtroom.

Brandenburg, Potsdam: Courtroom no. 6 at the Justice Center. All persons present in the courtroom must register on a list when entering the room, in accordance with the Ordinance on Containment of Coronavirus.

Picture of an empty courtroom.

A New York man who once shared a cell with R. Kelly was sentenced Monday to 19 months in prison for threatening to kill politicians in Washington D.C., per the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York.

In April, Brandon Hunt, 37, was convicted of threatening to assault and murder members of the United States Congress to impede, interfere with and intimidate those members and to retaliate against them on account of their performance of their official duties. His case was the first to face trial in connection to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. 

Hunt posted a video titled “KILL YOUR SENATORS” on a video-sharing site on Jan. 8, urging viewers to return to the Capitol when nearly all members of the Senate and House are in attendance because “we need to slaughter these motherfuckers.” He also advocated for overthrowing the government, and asked that someone give him a gun, so he could shoot and kill people himself. 

Hunt posted another video the following day where he threatened all 100 Senators before concluding that “every single one of them just needs to go.” 

“You are going to have to grow up and reflect on your actions,” Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Pamela Chen said, per New York Daily News, during his sentencing, adding that Hunt “crossed the free speech line … [Hunt’s video] cannot be confused in my mind with legitimate political discourse or heated rhetoric.” Hunt has only nine months remaining on his sentence since he had already served 10 months in jail. 

It was reported earlier this month that Hunt created a comic detailing his interactions with Kelly during the two weeks spent behind bars at the Metropolitan Detention Center. While the two didn’t share much in common, Hunt’s comic claims they eventually bonded over day-to-day activities, like listening to music and doing yoga.

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