Will the iPhone 8 Have a Curved Screen and No Home Button?

Apple has reportedly been experimenting with several protypes that include a curved screen, OLED display, and more capabilities.

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Your new iPhone could be getting a lot of design and application changes next year. Apple has reportedly  been toying around with more than 10 different prototypes for the iPhone 8, and some of the manufacturer's new models could come with a curved screen and no home button, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

According to the Journal, the newest update may include a curved screen with higher resolution and a 5.8-inch OLED display, which is an organic compound layer on the screen that emits light in response to electric current. Its design is reportedly comparable to the display on the iPhone 6S Plus. The new phone may also include an embedded home button, rather than the one that is currently located at the bottom end of the iPhone 7's design.

While nothing appears to be set in stone, the WSJ's report echoes previous rumors and reports, which suggested that Apple would opt for OLED technology rather than its LCD feature, according to Mashable. Apple products including the Apple Watch and latest version of the MacBook Pro also include the OLED display feature. Additionally, OLED dsiplays don't require a backlight, so that means users could be getting a thinner and lighter phone. 

In addition to the major changes, other rumors that have been circulating suggest fans could see glass and metal designs resembling the iPhone 4S, an embedded touch ID sensor underneath the display, and wireless charging. Fans didn't respond too well to the idea of wireless headphones, but not having to lug around a cord definitely seems like a perk. But Apple may want to watch out because Samsung reportedly also offers the wireless feature. And considering Apple's latest legal battle in which they accused Samsung of copying their design, the rival company could be looking for payback.

Fans took to Twitter to share in their excitement and disappointment about the possible updates. People probably shouldn't go celebrating just yet however. Due to the new capabilities, the phone could be even pricier than the iPhone 7, which sold for nearly $700. Apple will most likely decide on one or two out of the prototypes before its launch in 2017. 


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