With all the alleged leaks and rumored tweaks surrounding the unveiling of the iPhone 7, distinguishing actual fact from total bullshit kinda feels like a futile task. Tuesday, however, brought some of the most promising (and believable!) alleged leaks to date. Fittingly, the latest round of speculation comes just days before Apple is set to put all this nonsense to rest by showing us the real deal.

As spotted by Tech Times, the Malignant tweeted specs for both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus after receiving them from a "very reliable" though predictably anonymous source:

These alleged new iPhone specs mirror the rumored dimensions posted to social media site Weibo this week, a post which also revealed that both models will employ the A10 processor and a larger battery. For all those water-prone individuals hoping to cop a new iPhone, the Weibo leak also claims that the new devices will be "IP certified water-resistant."

Hell yeah. Sounds dope, as always. But what else can we expect when Tim Cook strolls onto the stage to unveil the new iPhone and, presumably, a new Apple Watch? Well, the grueling death of the headphone jack certainly seems imminent. The fresh iPhone is also rumored to come stacked with a dual camera upgrade and a 32 GB (i.e. not 16) entry-level model for those with an eye toward budget-friendly flexing.

So, yeah, RIP (probably) to the headphone jack. We definitely had some good times, didn't we? The headphone jack stood by our side through thick and thin, never once complaining when we inserted shitty dollar store headphones and feigned shock at the noticeable lack of bass. Thnks fr th mmrs, headphone jack.

Apple brings the speculative madness to an end Sept. 7.