The iPhone 7 already gives the option to go wireless for headphones (when the AirPods finally come out), but the iPhone 8 might get rid of the most loathsome cord of all: the power cord. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, Hon Hai Precision Company (also known as Foxconn Technology Group) is testing out wireless charging technology that could roll out with the iPhone 8 next year.

An anonymous source who is familiar with Foxconn's work on wirelss charging for Apple told the Nikkei Asian Review, "[W]hether the feature can eventually make it into Apple's updated devices will depend on whether Foxconn can boost the yield rate to a satisfactory level later on." The source further told Nikkei Asian Review that it's not certain whether or not iPhones released in 2017 will have wireless charging capabilities, but it's definitely in the works. 

The iPhone 8 will be released during the 10-year anniversary of the first icon, so Apple is expected to go all out on the design and function of the new phone. Earlier reports have rumored that the iPhone 8 will have glass casing in lieu of metal, and that there will possibly be three sizes for the iPhone 8, though that rumor has been broadly disputed

Whether or not the iPhone 8 will charge wirelessly hinges on the yield rate of satisfactory units that Foxconn can produce, according to the Nikkei Asian Review. If the company is unable to come up with enough satisfactory modules, they'll likely scrap the technology for now.