Whoops: Woman With Road Rage Who Confronted Another Driver for Swerving Runs Into SUV

The ironic fender bender took place during Fourth of July weekend.

Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

This is a perfect example of the age-old idiom: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. An allegedly drunk woman tried to confront another driver on the road and ended up in a fender bender.

According to the New York Post and footage posted to Reddit, the incident occurred in Florida during the Fourth of July weekend. A woman wearing a white tank top and a Miami Marlins baseball cap stepped out of her vehicle to approach another driver through their passenger window. However, she failed to put her car in park before cursing him out.

"What are you tweaking about?" the man asked as he rolled down his window.

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"I have an 82-year-old man in the car. You guys are all fucking spinning and swerving. Just because it's Fourth of July doesn't mean you can be a fucking dick," she yelled.

The woman's behavior led the man to believe she was "drunk as fuck," prompting her to respond, "Fuck you!"

"You're the one swerving, I was just following you," the man responded.

"I'm the one swerving?" the woman shouted while exiting her vehicle.

As she spoke, her car began to roll. Despite her attempts to stop it with her foot, it continued moving and collided with an SUV in front of her.

Sadly, the other driver was caught off guard as they were not involved in the initial argument.

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