Nebraska Man Arrested After Damaging Vehicles in Home Depot Parking Lot With Skid Loader

The Bobcat-driving man even hit a police SUV with an officer behind the wheel.

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A Nebraska man is behind bars after he went on a rampage in a Home Depot parking lot.

KOLN-TV reports Samuel Peyrot, 37, was arrested on Sunday on suspicion of second-degree assault, second-degree assault of an officer, and criminal mischief following the melee.

The incident took place Sunday in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Lincoln, Nebraska, where Peyrot rammed his skid loader into a police cruiser, multiple vehicles, and businesses.

"I was buying some parts to fix my washing machine," a witness, Jeff McRichards, told USA Today after recording the rampage. "It was crazy, some guy stole a Bobcat... went on a rampage. (He) destroyed the front doors of a liquor store, destroyed cars in a Taco Bell parking lot, and an ATM before going after the cop car."

McRichards added, "I have no idea whose it was or how he got into it."

After ramming his skid loader into several vehicles into the parking lot, Peyrot took aim at a police car who was responding to the incident. The officer then got out of his vehicle and pointed his gun at Peyrot before he was arrested and taken into custody.

Police said multiple vehicles were damaged due to Peyrot's rampage, with one man reporting minor injuries. The skid loader was owned by Peyrot’s employer, according to police.

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