YouTuber Teaches Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog to Pee Beer on Command

In a viral video watched by nearly 7 million people so far, YouTuber Michael Reeves taught the Boston Dynamics' Robot Dog to pee out beer on command.

Robot Dog

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Robot Dog

The same Boston Dynamics’ dog robot that can open doors, aid the French army in combat drills, and may or may not herald in a dystopian era where machines subjugate humans due to advanced A.I. combined with an overall lack of sentimentality, has been taught by an influencer to pee beer into a cup. 

YouTuber Michael Reeves was able to pull this feat off due to his technical expertise (his channel’s got lots of cool examples). Let this represent the honeymoon stage of human-robot relations. 

“It’s an engineering masterpiece, I wanna make it piss beer into a cup,” he says in the video below. So far more than 6.8 million people have watched the viral accomplishment, which is cataloged in a 16-minute clip. In that footage Reeves is seen reprogramming the bot in an effort to complete his goal. He fails several times, but then finally gets it to do its thing in a solo cup. It’s not perfect yet, as Reeves puts it, “Piss bot is working flawlessly. 35 percent of the time.” But it’s progress. 

Here’s a clip if you’re pressed for time. I think it’s safe for work?:

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog Spot has been taught to pee beer on command

— The Verge (@verge) April 13, 2021

And here’s the longer version:

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The footage ends with the bot pissing in front of Boston Dynamics’ headquarters. Why, you ask? Well, as Reeves puts it it’s revenge for the company initially stating that the dog (named Spot) was for “construction companies” and other professions. 

Other owners have found uses for it that include, doing a choreographed dance routine and giving it a paintball gun. 

You can buy your own if you’re either rich or bad with money, as it’s going for nearly $75,000. Please read the last two sentences again if you’re thinking about it. 

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