Russian 'Sausage King' Murdered With Crossbow While in Sauna With Woman

A Russian oligarch nicknamed "The Sausage King," was shot and killed with a crossbow by masked assailants in an outdoor sauna on Monday morning.


Image via Getty/Johner Images


On Monday, the term "Clue" trended on Twitter because a Russian oligarch being shot with a crossbow conjured up (fun?) memories of the occasionally kind-of-interesting board game from Hasbro.

The BBC reports that the now-decesased oligarch, Vladimir Marugov, was in an outdoor sauna cabin with a female partner when a pair of masked assailants are said to have come in, tied him and his partner up, and then shot him. These assailants are reported to have demanded cash from Marugov before taking off in a car. As for the woman, she survived, escaped through a window, and then phoned the police.

When authorities did arrive, Marugov, who also went by the nickname "The Sausage King," due to his ownership of some of the biggest meat-processing plants in Russia, was found dead next to a crossbow. 

This attack occurred early on Monday morning at Marugov's countryside estate, which reportedly sits around 25 miles away from Moscow. 

A male suspect, who remains unnamed, was detained due to his connection to the killing. The getaway car was also discovered in the outskirts of a town just outside of Moscow. 

Anyway, as mentioned above, the bizarre combination of setting/murder weapon/murder victim led to connections that wouldn't have been made if he got hit by a car or died of old age or something. Also, people remembered that Abe Froman scene from Ferris Bueller and *loses interest in his own write-up* I think there's some Game of Thrones connections people are making too:

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