Prince Harry Lands Job at Silicon Valley Startup BetterUp

Prince Harry has a job as the "chief impact officer" of a Silicon Valley startup, BetterUp, that gives its clients coaching and mental health services.

Prince Harry

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry has landed a job at a Silicon Valley startup. 

The Wall Street Journal, who first reported the news, says he’ll be the chief impact officer for BetterUp. Obviously that title doesn’t sound as prestigious as “Duke of Sussex,” but it’s a lot better than, I don’t know, news-writer guy. 

As for what BetterUp does, CNN writes that it “provides coaching and mental health services to clients.” Harry is already listed on the company website as a member of the leadership team, and the first line of his company bio pegs him as “a humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate, and environmentalist.”

This new job comes weeks after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, gave a much-hyped interview with Oprah Winfrey that captivated Twitter provided details to viewers on why they chose to leave the UK and back-off from their British royal family public duties. They also spoke about how their previous positions impacted their mental health (feel free to re-reference what BetterUp says it does it if you’ve already forgotten), and had conversations on topics that included security, race, and finances.

The couple currently lives in California. 

During the time when he was still a working royal, Harry teamed with his brother (Prince William), as well as his sister-in-law (Kate Middleton), on a UK mental health initiative aimed at young people called “Heads Together.”

BetterUp’s CEO, Alexi Robichaux, says that Harry’s role with the company will be “meaningful and meaty.” His new position will reportedly see him providing input into strategy decisions and contributions to charity. He’ll also publicly advocate for mental health-related topics. It’s not clear how much money he’ll make. 

    In a company blog post, Harry said that he and Robichaux had a “shared passion” for helping people. He also says he has personally benefited from BetterUp coaching. 

    “I’ve personally found working with a BetterUp coach to be invaluable,” Harry wrote. “I was matched with a truly awesome coach who has given me sound advice and a fresh perspective.”

    It’s unknown if Harry’s new job will be full-time or not. He and Meghan also head up their own charity foundation. According to NBC News, they also have multimillion-dollar deals with companies that include Netflix and Spotify. 

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