Coronavirus Cases Exceed 10 Million Worldwide

Coronavirus infections continue to rise around the world, with the United States being hit especially hard as cases around the country continue to rise.

A medical worker wears a protective face mask

Image via Getty/Noam Galai

A medical worker wears a protective face mask

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world hit more than 10 million on Sunday, with over 500,000 confirmed deaths, the Associated Press reports

The grim milestone comes as the U.S. continues to see a spike in cases, especially in states like California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. 

Though the United States currently stands at over 2.5 million cases, the CDC believes that as many as 20 million Americans may have already been infected.

The spike in cases in the U.S could be attributed to hastily drawn up reopening plans. States like Texas and Los Angeles have recently pulled back, as California Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered bars to close in Los Angeles County on Sunday. 

That same day, a graph circulated online, illustrating the country's failure to contain the virus.

Despite the alarming numbers, members of Trump's administration seemed unusually optimistic on Sunday. Here's Dr. Birx commending Texas on its opening plan.

And here's Mike Pence praising the Texas governor Greg Abott for how he's handled the coronavirus response. Keep in mind, Texas saw over 5000 new cases on Sunday.

And lets not forget that workers at President Trump's Tulsa rally tested positive for the virus ahead of the event earlier this month.

"This is not a sprint, this is a marathon," Director of the Emergency Department at Tucson Medical Center, Dr. Lisa Goldberg, said recently. "In fact, it’s an ultra-marathon."

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